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Law-BlogIn September 2005 the law-blog switched to a WP-backend using a custom made theme. We want to give something back to the WP community and thus make the theme freely available.

Please allow us some remarks on the theme. It is a three column theme. Such themes are great for blogs with lots of content but tend to look rather empty if the sidebars are not filled with lots of links, feeds, pictures and other stuff. So make sure your blog matches these criteria or you won’t get happy here. We can not stress that point enough.

The theme can be used “out of the box”, is compatible with WordPress 1.5 and 2.x and comes with the following content logic:

  • The header shows the name of the blog and below, in a second row, the description. You may want to abuse the “description row” for a header navigation as we have done in this law-blog. This may especially make sense if your blog is padded in a broader side with other content.
  • The first column is used for the entries.
  • The second column shows the categories and the blogroll
  • The third column contains a welcome text (that you may leave as it is or, better, change and expand), the search box and some meta-information
  • The footer gives some links. The theme is free and you may do with it whatever you want; however, we would be thankful if you would not delete the links in the footer. Of course feel free to add anything you want!

The theme comes in an English and in a German version. Code and CSS, however, are English in both cases. The Blog itself is fully localized, eg. “previous entries” will become “ältere Einträge” in the German version.

There are two color-schemes available. The green based scheme used here in the law-blog and a red-based scheme. The download comes with the red scheme by default, if you prefer the green one use the law-blog css. You may simply replace the css-file; apart from the color-definitions they are identical. The green css may, however, contain some definitions that are not being used by the standard-theme out of the box.

If you stumble across issues or bugs or simply have a proposal, idea or enhancement it would be great if you could simply drop us an email ( or leave a comment.


A Blog Beyond 0.7 English – beta (please read the changelog!)
A Blog Beyond 0.7 German – beta


August 27th, 2006

This update (0.7) does the following:

  • fixes some issues that were not very logic in the theme (links sometimes underlined, sometimes not)
  • it is a minor style update (category headings no longer bold, no borders on category headings, more space after sidebar headings: after all a minor plus of white space)
  • it comes with a very cool blue css

Just in case you liked the red css better: simply use the old color values.

July 25th, 2006

This is just a fix for some odd behavior of IE7 (at leas in Beta 2 and 3). Although everything worked fine in Vers. 0.66, there was some clipping of the desceders of some characters in the blog title. That should be fixed and works fine with Firefox and IE7. If you want to tweak an existing installation of the theme: just exchange the „title“-definition in the css with the new one. That’s all.

Nov. 12th, 2005

This is the promised visual refinery. Most important: the lines separating the columns are gone. They do not really have a function, disturb the philosophy of „openness“ and you usually do not have them in printed magazines either. The quotes and examples are styled more logically. Subheadings are emphasized; unused spaces were (a bit) condensed. More than ever I have to stress one point: since the layout becomes even more „open“ please make sure you have sufficient content for the sidebars. Otherwise the whole page will look empty. This template is definitely made to serve the need of heavy content sites. If yours is not you may want to consider a two column layout.

Nov. 6th, 2005

There is, well, a .65 beta 2. You’ll see no visual change. It just passes (at least: passed for me) validation, meaning it is „hardcore“ XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Any feedback on remaining issues there is highly welcome!

Oct. 28th, 2005

Okay, 0.65 in the English Version is a improved beta now (whatever that may mean). Here are the changes: the code is much more „strict“ in terms of nearly passing validation at w3. The remaining issues are of semantic interest only. Visually I changed the quote-signs. They look better now I think. Also, some commenting on the code was done.

Oct. 21st, 2005

For you English speaking folks there is a new version of the theme available, v. 0.65. It is, I have to confess, still in a somewhat experimental phase; therefore the older version can be downloaded still. I still have to do some final testing and tweaking but you nevertheless might want to check it out. It seems to work fine. There are improvements that you can see on the page. The line-spacer between subheading and text is better centered and the general appearance is more consistent. The page looks more similar on IE and Firefox. There are still issues, but fewer. There are a lot of minor to medium improvements “under the hood”. The theme is much more standard compliant in terms of xhtml strictness. One or two issues with regard to the meta-information were fixed. It is not perfect but I’ll work on that. Some minor translation flaws were also corrected.

Oct. 9th, 2005

In V. 062 the default template for static pages was changed to also allow comments and pings. Since you probably do not want to have that all the time and not always want to present a subline under a static post, another template „page_no-comments.php“ was added that behaves exactly like the old „page.php“: no comments, no trackbacks, no subline. You might enjoy this flexibility if you work a lot with static pages. If not you won’t notice.

298 Gedanken zu “Get the Theme!

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  2. Hello, this one is a nice theme, I really like it. But don’t you think you and the userly might get into trouble for using this theme as it looks a total rip-off of the original site A List Apart? Please Reply.

  3. @Vishnu: no, they won’t. ALAP encourages you to use them as a reference: We used no bit of code, css or such of ALAP (even though this is explicitely allowed by their rules); the Idea simply was to transform the general design idea to a WP-theme. You will also notice that the inspiration is mainly on the typography side and the general visual appearance, in many other respects our solution differs widely.

    By the way: we – of course – communicated with ALAP about this ;-).

  4. @Hipocratioco: That is indeed strange, it should work fine and usually does. There are 16 Template PHP-files plus one css-files. Are all of them in the theme-directory? Does your WP-Installation work with the standard-theme?

    PS: I just did a testrun with the downloadables on the server and put them on our „Spielwiese“ (the shadow-Blog where I do the testing): works splendidly… Right now I do not really have a clue why it should not do the same for your blog. See the questions above. One more: you are using the lastest WP-Version?

  5. ok…first error. I have 15 php files plus a css file and gfx file


    and the css and gfx files…what´s missing?

  6. @Hipocratico. My mistake: it is 15 + css (I included the css AND added it)…

    I were at your site and the theme seems to work fine in the individual entries, just not on the mainsite. Would you mind sending me your header-template in an email (

  7. This is so embarassing. Okay, I found the mistake. While updating from Vers. 0.6 to 0.62 I just missed one (1) comma. That’s it. The German version worked fine, I just overlooked.

    It should work now. I also fixed the „Send“-Button.

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  9. 🙂 only to make you feel better: I spent 5 hours (no kidding) fighting over the database name and password, yelled at the host service and all the stuff that comes with it. And then, I suddenly realized I was using the database and password from a completely different site…

  10. @hippocratico: it should work now (so no need to sent anything, the failure was completely on my side). If there are still any issues please try the new version; it is still somewhat experimental but looks quite stable…

  11. Hi, your theme is great. But I am having some problems with a few things. First, when you upload the theme, there is an error or „??“ in the top left portion of the screen. I don’t know where it is and how to remove it.

    Also, you’re website has a navigation menu, but not the downloaded version. Because the CSS is not in the style file, it is really confusing. Is there a way to add a header image and a different menu?

    Lastly, many of the files are unclear. You have two archive related files, and two page files, and two comments files. And two search files. An explanation of each of the pages would help me a lot in how they fit in with the site.

    Thank you for your help.

  12. @vw:

    Hm. I can’t say much about the error. It works fine „out of the box“ with a lot of other blogs and all the pages I test it on. You might want to download the newest version. I did again some changes today, but nothing in regard of errors Neverthelesse, give it a try.

    Which navigtion do you mean? The categories should work out of the box. The top navigation? This is a custom hack in the law-blog at the space where „usually“ the WP-description of you blog appears. Please have a look in the „header.php“, there is a comment at the line where you might want to put you navigation in. It is static here,

    The files are, well, yes, I should rename them. There are no duplicates, however. E.g. „archive“ is the normal category archive, „archives“ is a static page for a monthly archive. This theme has NO monthly archive by default (they are useless for most topic-centered blogs anyway).

    The „page“ files are static pages, one that comes with comments, one without. As you like it, we use both types here on the blog. The search is also no doule. „Search“ is for the page that displays results, „searchform“ is, well, the searchform.

    The „comment-popup“ is more or less an artifact that you might want to revitalise when tweaking your theme. If you have no desire to do so, well, forget about it.

    Lastly. If you consider a header image, please simply copy ’n paste the code from the standard (kubrick) theme that comes with WP, that will do fine.

    That was a lot, could I help you a bit? Please do not hezitate commenting again or dropping me an email!

  13. I like this theme very much. I’m new at Word Press, very new. This is my first blog, and I don’t have the skill I really need, but I am not having a hard time of it.

    But there is one problem. This doesn’t happen in Firefox or Opera, but when I look at the site in IE, the body shifts away from center to the left of the screen, which is not terrible, but the header stays at center. This happens in both versions of the theme. It happens when I view Law-Blog, as well, in IE.

    I thought it might be a bug, so came to let you know and to thank you for your work and generosity.

  14. Hi, thank you for clearing up a few things for me. I have two main issues that I have been toying with for the last day or so.

    1. Because the h1 tag is used in the CSS to relate to the post title,(instead of the header) this is really limiting in what type of navigation (top) menu I can use here. Everytime I try to add another menu, or get rid of the description and blog titles, it is taking away the post title. Trying to add an image in the header is even more complex.

    2. I would like to make some static pages but I don’t know how to do that. In WP can I create pages in the admin area and then use your page.php somehow?

    My biggest dilemma is trying to understand how to USE your files, it would be great if you had a section or readme page that explains HOW TO do certain things with this theme.

    Thanks again,

  15. @vw

    Hm. I will try to create a „how-to“ page, but I suppose I will find the time only on the weekend, so it might take a few days. Let me add two or so things to your remarks.

    1. It is correct that the H1-tag relates to the headings of the posts. That makes sense (in our case) since the headings are the topics about which we write in the articles. Thus, you (and search engines) will finde the most relevant keywords in the headings, not in the title of the blog that is more or less random. Therefore the h1-tag is semanticly correct in the headings. However, you can change this quite easily.

    2. In the current state of the theme there are four templates for static pages. This is „page“ (a normal static page), „page with comments“ (a static page with comments and TB enabled, a feature that is very useful but only few themes come with it), a static „archives“ page for monthly archives (which makes only limited sense for topic-driven blogs anyway) and a link-page for, well, displaying links. The latter is a compromise since the link-tool in WP in the current release is quite basic (great for a blogroll but less usefull for everything beyond). The „Links“-Section of this blog is made with this tool, please have a look.

    Using static pages still requires some handmade tweaks at this stage, which has a reason in the way those pages are being used here. The heading, subheading and the corresponding h1 and h3-tags have to be set by hand in the textfield. The reason is that technically those static pages do not belong to the category-sheme used here, they run „outside“. Nevertheless they are to have the same „taste and feel“ like the rest of the page.

  16. @Hers:

    that’s okay. I just (please note the time of this entry) uploaded .65 beta2. It is still a beta because I did nothing on some issues I wanted to work on (it was a hard weekend), but for me it passes validation. I tested the main page, individual entry pages and archives. It should work, any feedback on remaining issues is – of course – highly welcome!

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  18. Thank you, and please accept my compliments on the Theme.

    I am a new WordPress user. I have not worked with PHP or CSS.

    I have a few small problems. The bottom of the header, containing the blog description becomes distorted when viewed in a browser (IE and Firefox) which is not full page. Fixing this may be challenging.

    A couple of simple questions:

    Link categories order ignores WordPress settings, and Links categories appear ijn order created, not alphabetically. I know where the code is in sidebar.php (I think), but I do not quite know what to change.

  19. Thank you for looking. I fixed link categories by deleting and reinstalling them. It’s not terribly important, but note that Blogroll, now named „Essential Blogs,“ does not aphabetize.

    The bottom of the header, containing the blog description becomes distorted when viewed in a browser (IE and Firefox) which is not full page. Obviously, I have not yet worked on this one.

  20. David,

    this is not a matter of the theme, you can „fix“ this in the link-section of your backend. It is actually a WP-feature that the blogs in your blogroll show up in random order. Please have a look: the order should change everytime you reload. So none of your blog-buddies can claim he’s disadvantaged or so…

  21. The blogroll doesn’t change. It stays in the same non-alphabetic order all the time.

    The code reads:



    get_results(„SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM $wpdb->linkcategories“);
    foreach ($link_cats as $link_cat) {
    cat_id; ?>“>cat_name; ?>
    cat_id); ?>


  22. Great theme. I made some major modifications (moved the columns around).

    How do you use the „trackback“ function? I can’t figure out how people find the trackback URI for my posts. I’m able to trackback to other sites, but I’m not sure if anyone will figure out how to trackback to mine. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for a great theme.

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  26. Found out how to open administration page and login. My fault.

    Now, I need help displaying pages that are on the default theme but do not appear on yours. Remember I am a newbie and know little about html.

    Dr. Ron

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  29. There are instructions as to adding links to the header as you have here? Why not just add it naturally.It is confusing to download a theme that doesn’t look like the one advertsied here.

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  33. Just wanted to thank you for the theme. I am very new at this and really like the look of it. I was able to get it up and going with no problems at all.

    Now I hope to figure out how to tweak a few things to make it my own! I was thrilled today to figure out how to draw a line (lol).

    Anyway thanks again, it’s great.

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  35. Thank you very much for providing this layout! I found it via WordPress and am using it for my own experiments at blogging. It’s very easy to use, though I still have a long way to go!

  36. Hi,
    I really like this theme and want to use it on my site.

    The thing I like about it is the possibility for linked images in the 3rd column. I want to use that to link to the static page sections that I have inmy current blog (

    I also like the way you hacked the description row to create the links to other parts of your blog.

    I want to use this template for my blog, but I’m a little concerned about what will happen with my circle links across the top of my current blog when I attempt to switch over to this template.

    I’ve grown rather fond of those circles and would like to keep them! I’m a newbie and doubling the number of circles available in the uploaded template was one of the first tweaks I learned to do!

    Before I attempt the switch over – do you have any advice/suggestions to minimize possible chaos?


  37. Well, I uploaded and installed this beautiful, clean, smooth, silky, slick template – couldn’t find the admin button to do anything!!! I used my back link in my browser to reinstall the old template.
    Hmm…did I miss something somehwre?

  38. I went back and installed wordpress classic and then tried the installation fromtehre, and it was the same problem! No admin button! I guess I’ll have to wait for an answer on this one.
    But I wanna use this template – it’s so clean!

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  40. Alison,

    Hm, you report strange things.

    The admin-area should be accessible the normal way via (your blog instead of „yourblog“, of course). You may install this as a clickeable link in your theme, but it should work fine without one too.

    I do not see that there should be a problem with the circle links since they are, well, normal links and you may put them anywhere you want. Should work fine.

    To the static pages. They are still there for sure since the theme does not change the structure of your WP-installation. Am I right supposing that the links to the static pages are hardcoded in your current template? If so you will have to do the same thing with the new theme.

    Was this (at least in part) helpful?

  41. Well
    I did find the admin section, thank you.

    I have managed to start editing the sidebar menu successfully.

    I am rather a beginner at this and learning as I go along…so there are huge gaps in my knowledge.

    For example, I have been unable to get the circles to show up. I am not sure where to put them.

    I tried putting them at the beginning of the sidebar which is where Carol puts them as „begin top menu“ – but that comes back as a parse error.

    So I tried putting them in the header…and the whole page vanished.


    I still haven’t figured out the missing static page dilemma…’hardcoded in current template‘ hmmmmm….not sure what Carol did – she designed it. hmmmm….anybody got any ideas?

    The ’static‘ pages come up when I switch to the classic template.


  42. Well, I got a line up of links to my static pages, but still no list.
    The pages appear – but no list….
    no more time for this right now. It looks a mess at the moment. `

  43. im using this theme with wordpress 2.0

    when i use the spilt post with more tag on a post, the sidebar moves to the bottom of the page, under the posts.

    taking this out then corrects it and the sidebar is back to the right.

    any way to fix this apart from not using the more split tag?

  44. Mark,

    this usually happens if there is a closing div-tag to much in the code. It should not be in the template since it is working fine elsewhere. One tends to overlook such tags when using divs to align pictures or so, have you checked this?

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  46. Hi guys,

    I’m really interested in this theme and am thinking of implementing the green theme. Where can I find the law-blog.css to replace the orange/red theme css?

    thanks very much


  47. Hi guys, I also just noticed that the theme does not function properly in IE (at least not v.5.2 on the Mac) as it causes the second sidebar to slip to the bottom of the page. Is there an easy fix for this?



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  53. Das wird ab sofort (erst mal) das WordPress-Theme sein, welches ich einsetzen werde!
    Wirklich fein!
    Noch bin ich dabei, das Theme an meinen Geschmack anzupassen (Schrift, Farben etc).
    In diesem Sinne, vielen Dank für ein klasse Theme!
    Euer Blog ist sehr sympatisch 🙂

  54. I love this theme – thank you for the code. It works perfectly (so far) for the Montrose Citizens site ( In fact, it works so perfectly across browsers that I wanted to change all my other blogs to this layout. I still may…The only modification I needed to make (other than the look) was the footer space for Foxfire and Opera, as I added several lines of text to the footer. While Explorer seems to take those extra lines in stride (obviously ignoring the height attribute), the other two browsers took the height seriously. Once again – brilliant! Thanks.

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  56. Arne

    First, thanks for the work. Excellent.

    Second, can I trouble you for the *exact* code to insert in the navbar to get the links to the static pages, as you have done on Law-Blog. My php skills are negligible and the crib I have from looking at other WP templates, i.e. ( ), does not produce the right effect 😉

    With best wishes, and from a fellow lawyer.

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  59. Hello, first i wanna say this theme is very nice, ok, new my problem above ‚CATEGORIEN‘ i insert ‚Page‘ i need to inset Galley link, About this blog and more, how to do it, fenks

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  65. @Adminstrator

    Regarding A List Apart and their copyright notice: you have it backwards. They condone the reuse of their code, but not the mimicking of their site style. I quote from

    „The unique combination of images, colors, sizes, typography, and positioning (“the design”) of this magazine is copyright A List Apart and Happy Cog Studios and may not be reproduced.“

    You’ve admittedly mimicked their site style while using none of their code.

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  68. I, too, would love it if I could use widgets with this theme, but I just don’t have the coding ability to do it myself. Are you contemplating an upgrade to widgets-ready status?

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  81. thanks for the theme..
    It’s perfect! but i just upgraded my wordpress to the latest and my links don’t show up.. i have this error…

    [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near “ at line 1]
    SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM…

    please help.. htanks

  82. Hallo. Ich würde gerne A blog beyond benützen, bekomme aber auf meiner Hauptseite folgende Fehlermeldung:

    WordPress Datenbank-Fehler: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near “ at line 1]
    SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM


    Bin neu auf dem Gebiet. Hab WordPress 2.2 runtergeladen und installiert. Die DE-Version.
    Können Sie mir weiterhelfen?
    Christoph Matti

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  88. Hello, I got this message:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near “ at line 1]
    SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM

    Can someone help?

    Best regards, Gert Meijboom

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  90. A Blog Beyond – ist wunderbar! Aber dieses Problem ist immer noch da bei der Version 072:

    [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near “ at line 1]
    SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM

    Does anyone know how to fix this???

  91. I think I just figured out how to fix that problem with the SQL database:

    Go into the Presentation, Theme Editor,
    and select the Sidebar.

    Then find this code:
    get_results(„SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM $wpdb->linkcategories“);
    foreach ($link_cats as $link_cat) {

    and replace it with this:

    Now my only problem is that it says „LINKS“ (like I want it to) but then also says „Blogroll“ – which I’d rather remove…

    Viel Spaß!

  92. I really, really like this theme…The colors blend well, it’s easy on the eyes and very cool. The only issue I have is the sidebar drops down the page in I.E. Would love to get that to work.

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  94. Ich find das neue Theme recht hübsch, das problem bei den ganzen wordpress themes ist aber das die alle ziemlich nach „blog“ aussehen, also gleich, 2 oder 3 columns ändern da nicht unbedingt was dran.

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  104. Thanks for that good theme. Very nice and practical. I wish that many people come here and discuss with us about that things theme is about. I missed such a blog for a long time, and now I am that happy about, that this theme is on the run now. I hope, that theme will be on the run for a long time to talk with people of the same mind. So I think that the boaring afternoons and evenings are going to get more funny with that theme. I think it must be a dream, I never thought, that such things would come true.

  105. In V. 062 the default template for static pages was changed to also allow comments and pings. Since you probably do not want to have that all the time and not always want to present a subline under a static post, another template “page_no-comments.php” was added that behaves exactly like the old “page.php”: no comments, no trackbacks, no subline. You might enjoy this flexibility if you work a lot with static pages. If not you won’t notice.

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  107. this usually happens if there is a closing div-tag to much in the code. It should not be in the template since it is working fine elsewhere. One tends to overlook such tags when using divs to align pictures or so, have you checked this?

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